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Dominating The TikTok Space

Dominating The TikTok Space EK Creative was one of the first agencies in the United States to partner with TikTok.

E-Commerce You Can Trust

EK Creative was the first official partner and only certified solution partner of CommentSold.

our 3-in-1 Marketing Solution

We use performance marketing, content, and live shopping to drive your store's revenue.

Performance Marketing

Our team implements effective advertising strategies that drive sales. From Meta and Google ads to email and SMS marketing, we offer many services to get your business in front of your ideal target audience.

Content Creation

With our expert team of video producers and content creators we produce high-quality videos designed to capture attention and drive action. Our videos are optimized to convert viewers into customers.

Live Shopping

Tap into the power of live shopping without the confusion. We plan, produce, and promote highly engaging experiences that drive conversions. Whether you want live shopping done with you or for you, we're your team!

How to Get Started with Live Shopping

Live shopping is crucial in today's era of e-commerce. We're eager to be your live-selling guide and transform your business from boring website sales to a multi-channel selling store.

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EK Creative in numbers

We‘re numbers people and these are some of our favorites.

$500 Million

attributed in sales.

$2 Million

attributed from Google Ads

$4.4 Million

attributed in email revenue.

$1 Million

attributed from TikTok Ads

Client Testimonials

Hear what our clients have to say about working with EK Creative.

Breaking records with 300-3500% growth in revenue per month!

10K to 350K/month
300K to 2 Million/month
49K to 476K/month
469K to 1.7M/month
235K to 674K/Month
57K to 173K/month
378K to 1.3 Million/month
14K to 95K/month
and more highest months ever coming soon!

A Little About Us

As of September 2023, we’re thrilled to be part of the Agital family where we join forces with three other outstanding organizations dedicated to building the marketing agency of the future – one that focuses on helping companies advance in the ever-changing marketing landscape. Learn more about Agital and its mission

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